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Features of Drone Jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-09-06

The portable drone jammer can interfere with the GPS satellite positioning, and can also interfere with the 2.4G and 5.861.5G frequency bands commonly used by drones, so that the drone remote control/image transmission positioning and signal interruption can achieve forced landing/return/hovering,stop effect.

5.8G and 2.4G are the directional transmission of UAV image transmission and control signals, so that the UAV cannot receive the control signal to force the UAV to remote control, and the image transmission failure signal is interrupted to achieve the effect of forced landing, hovering, and loss of control.
15G is the GPS signal of the UAV's positioning signal. The GPS satellite positioning signal is shielded from interference. If the signal is interrupted, the UAV will not be able to return.

anti jammer drone

Function Description:

The GPS signal UAV cannot return to the flight to cut off all contact between the UAV and the controller: the remote control of the UAV fails, and the ground control of the UAV cannot receive aerial pictures and videos; the UAV cannot be positioned; the interceptor can Force the drone to land or return.
GPS UAV positioning and hovering through the interceptor can force the UAV to land or return to ensure the safety of low-altitude space in the area.

Portable drone gun jammer: The effective control distance of the UAV target is 100-5000 meters, the purchase of lithium batteries, the continuous working time is 120 minutes, the weight and size of the main unit are measured routinely, and the appearance and style of the main unit is detected by the interceptor. The effective control distance.
The occupied frequency of GPS UAV is wider than that of UAV image transmission, and the transmission loss of UAV image transmission transmission equipment is large. For the overall consideration of the equipment, the interference effect of 10W and the F1 frequency band remote control interference effect can be achieved.

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