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How the drone jammer realizes the detection of intruding drones?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-07

With the entry of many drone manufacturers into the market, commercial drones have rapidly penetrated into the civilian field, the number of users has gradually increased, supervision is difficult, and they are easily used by criminals, bringing great pressure on security and confidentiality. In the international field, relevant preventive measures have been taken against the black flying phenomenon of drones. However, the supervision of domestic drones is still in a blank state. Air safety poses a great hidden danger.

"Drone jammer" (or UAV monitoring, early warning and prevention and control system) is to measure the incoming wave direction of UAV image transmission signal and the incoming wave direction of remote control signal in real time, so as to realize the intrusion of unknown UAV and remote control. device detection. When the drone or remote control enters the area, an alarm is issued and the operator is warned, and the operator can choose to jam the equipment to make a forced landing or force the drone away.

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The UAV detection and countermeasure system does not limit the detection range. Usually, its detection range is equal to the available distance between the UAV and the remote control, which generally depends on the transmission power of the UAV/remote control. A single device can It can detect a range of more than 10 kilometers alone; if multiple devices are set up for networking, the coverage can be expanded infinitely.

Compared with the current similar products, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low power consumption, and multi-functions such as direction finding, monitoring and suppression, which can meet a variety of uses and realize a variety of tactics. The system operating software has comprehensive functions, friendly interface, simple operation and convenient use. At the same time, the drone jammer device and countermeasure system can be further optimized and improved according to the needs of field operations and actual combat.

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