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Drone jammer four-segment control frequency band

Admin Posted on 2022-09-07

While drones provide convenience for people’s work and life, they also bring a lot of troubles: for example, drones obstructing the take-off and landing of civil flights, hitting the wings of flights and other incidents have repeatedly entered the public eye, despite national "UAV driver's license", expansion of restricted flight areas, enhanced control and many other restrictive policies, but some drones are still in a black flying state.

Drone jammer is a set of long-distance UAV interception equipment independently developed by Jammer mart. The appearance is an integrated heat dissipation single gun type. This system uses electronic countermeasures to emit directional high-power electromagnetic waves to cut off 0- The three main channels of GPS/Beidou positioning, image transmission, and remote control of the drone within a range of 1,000 meters force the drone to land on the spot or forcibly return. For UAVs with different frequency bands at home and abroad, UAV jammers have four effective control frequency bands.

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Composition: interceptor host, 2 sets of batteries, charger, carrying case;

Product Highlights

1. The surface of the handle is made of non-slip rubber, and the shape conforms to the ergonomic design, which can be easily held, portable and lightweight

2. UHF broadband shielding technology can effectively interfere with blocking signals within 5s

3. Long-distance shielding distance is 1000-2000 meters for high power (1000 meters for frequency hopping aircraft), and 300-1500 meters for low power (300-500 meters for frequency hopping aircraft)

4. Built-in lithium battery, the built-in power adapter can be used for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours after being fully charged (the higher the power, the shorter the usage time), which is convenient for indoor and outdoor use
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