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Wifi scramble application

2G3G4G Adjustable mobile phone signal jamming company, it effectively shields the launch, the realities of domestic mobile communications high-tech products, independently by our developed products, production, marketing And imported parts are using foreign advanced technology Microwave signal between station and handset. This small jammer product uses imported parts, mechanical patch welding technology, mass production of assembly line, efficient and strict control to ensure product quality, stable performance and long-term durability! Etc. Let us know your whereabouts! Only GPS satellite signal interference, without affecting normal phone response.

Wifi jammer with strict jammer inspection Small size, high output, light weight, large coverage area, 3G / 4G phone jammer Easy to carry. Effective prevention targeting mobile / automobile GPS satellite positioning systems! No longer protected by God's whereabouts. Worry! Strict test National Radio and Television Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, technical indicators by compliance with permissible ambient electromagnetic radiation intensity grading standards.