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Desktop Wireless CDMA900 WIFI 2.4G 5.8G Drone Signal Jammer

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Total Power : 20W
Weight: 4kg
Dimensions: 300 x 400 x 75mm

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This is a high-power desktop drone jammer,with built-in 8-channel signal generating unit, the linear shielding radius is up to 50 meters, it can block GSM 900, Wifi 2.4G 5.8G frequency.There is no need to install and debug when using, easy to operate, zero training cost - only need to press the switch after power on, it will start working, avoiding all unnecessary indirect costs.

After starting up, the equipment can effectively shield all the wireless data signals of uavs in the site, the wireless signals inside the site and the outside cannot generate data docking, meeting the prevention and control needs of various places. It is an essential weapon for small indoor environments such as examination rooms, meeting rooms, halls and theatres.

Product Features: Split-type design to avoid collision with the host
It can be hung, stand and put, flexible and changeable
Efficient duct: fan plus radiator
After energizing, press the switch to start work

Product Advantages: ✓ Built-in directional antenna; 4G full Netcom full-band shielding; fool-proof design Plug and play
✓ Internal design science without mutual interference; large coverage area; in line with electromagnetic health, green and environmental protection

Jamming Frequencies: - GSM 900 : 925 - 960MHz
- WIFI 2.4G : 2400 - 2480MHz
- WIFI 5.8G : 5750 - 5850MHz

Other Parameters: Total power: 20W
Power supply: AC 220 V Jamming radius: Up to 50 meters(Jamming distances vary based on signal strength, antenna and position)
Weight: 4kg
Dimensions: 300 x 400 x 75mm

Packing List: 1pc Desktop Drone Jammer
1pc Power Adapter
1pc Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful And Portable

Hailey Hellen 2018-08-13

This product is beautifully designed and looks like a laptop. It is easy to carry and can be placed directly in the backpack when used outdoors. Compared with other similar drone jammers, the price is very affordable. This is my most satisfied shopping, recommend it to everyone.

Average rating:

Best protecting tools

Urjubar Mcyjon 2018-10-21

I bought this product to protect the information security of the company's conference room. Recently, there are several drones hovering on the roof of the company every day, which also makes a lot of noise. After installing this jammer, this hidden danger is finally eliminated, and there is no shadow of drones in the vicinity any more.

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