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Jammer-mart wifi scramble

Now people pay more attention to security and privacy at work and everyday life and they always want to find a good way to prevent their privacy from being attacked from or given. To meet these kinds of requirements, the jammer is the best option and the people who can choose a base for their situation. Both to the wireless desktop portable broadcast and meet the needs of people distortion device was invented and people can select the most suitable.

Wifi jammer WLAN interference equipment mobile phone jammer

With us you can buy an interference device for WLAN and mobile radio. Our problems have the latest technology, excellent quality and competitive prices. Our wireless blocker has a band control with which it is possible to control individual frequency ranges separately, without influencing the other ranges. It is suitable for use in rooms, such as conference room or conference room. Blockers even reach a quiet zone of up to 50 meters. Various signals can be altered, including u.a. GPS, GSM, UMTS (3G), WiFi, WiMax, GLONASS, FM, radio communication, insects, wireless cameras, television, u.v.m.