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Signal scramble in jammer mart

Wifi jammer is a mobile phone radio wave blocker developed according to the actual situation of mobile communication. It can block signals within a radius of 5-50m. Interferes with the downlink frequency band. Does not block the base station signal. Suppressors from other companies block these two frequency bands at the same time. The outdoor blocking effect is also good. We have high power type jamming devices. Outdoor signals also have an excellent jamming effect. High power mobile phone signal jammers are waterproof and sturdy. The design of the metal case of aluminum alloy is adopted. Our products have many advantages. Uses advanced technology. The products are subject to strict quality control.

Product performance is stable. There are different models. There is also a military shut-off device. I work for a long time. A device for suppressing mobile phone signals in prisons, military bases, gas stations, etc. It has high output and a wide shielding range. It can be created in a magnetic field that shields radio waves within a specified range. Within the blocking range, the high power jammer can completely block all frequency bands of the mobile phone signal. If the operating temperature is too high, the fan will automatically start cooling. We can guarantee continuous long hours of work.