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Wifi dual scrambler

WiFi and Bluetooth frequencies can be used by governments for shadowy activities (for example, indoor tracking spreads at lightning speed), which may violate privacy rights. You absolutely have privacy. In this case, you can actively use WiFi to track your indoor location by triangulating the location of the hotspot (similar to triangulating the location of a cell phone tower). Bluetooth is also used for indoor tracking, especially in Bluetooth beacon tracking technology. To prevent the above situation, wifi jammer can help protect your privacy and hide your location indoors.

The next threat you should be aware of is related to the use of wireless Internet. This is a fact, a huge vulnerability found in WPA2. This encryption standard can protect the security of all modern WiFi networks. If you are using a WiFi network, anyone nearby can easily access your information. . WiFi and Bluetooth are not good at preventing hackers from intruding. Therefore, if there is wireless Internet access nearby, your personal or corporate data is always potentially dangerous. Not only is information about you stolen, but something worse can happen: law enforcement agencies can connect to your webcam and browse all content, or they can just use the camera. Hidden cameras and microphones hidden in the home are used to secretly monitor and listen, and use WiFi and Bluetooth connections to retrieve streaming data. In this case, you will need a powerful wireless signal scrambler, Bluetooth jammer or WIFI blocker. All these devices work on 2.4 GHz signals, so you only need one device: a 2.4 GHz WiFi jammer.