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High quality wireless disruptor

Interferers are evolving in the direction of security. Mobile phone signal monitors may allow staff to monitor the content of messages and phone numbers. Choose to install wifi jammer to limit mobile phone abuse. Multi-function wireless signal jammer was developed by a new high-tech information security product. Form a venue for electromagnetic protection. I cannot use wireless communication equipment. The electromagnetic signal radiated by the wireless signal shielding device blocks only the wireless communication signal in the shielded area. The electromagnetic signal emitted by the radio signal jammer is weak. Blocks phone and base station contact.

There is a question as to whether jamming devices affect smartphones. It has nothing to do with smartphones. The frequency of GSM mobile phones is 900MHz / 1800MHz. CDMA is 800MHz and PHS is 1900MHz. Cell phone signal jammers can usually block these four frequency bands. Suppress telephone signals within this range. It is possible to purchase radio jammers using advanced technology. All have devices that suppress high frequencies. Information Security Protection The most popular 4G frequency jammers are paying attention.