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High quality wireless signal scrambler

It is designed to block mobile phone communication. RF communication can be blocked in the VHF band and UHF band. It has a powerful ability to block signals of different frequencies at the same time. There are various application areas. It emits interfering radio waves. It provides data security and protection. Mobile jammers are designed for mobile. It is often found in important places such as government facilities, military facilities, and embassies. It is possible to block all communication frequencies from 20MHz to 3000MHz at exactly the same time.

It is an environmentally friendly device. All types of mobile phone signals are disabled within the operating range. It can function stably and continuously under various environments. Some of them are waterproof and impact resistant. Get high quality GPS block for the price. There is an independent switch for interference in each frequency band. The transmit power in each single frequency range can be adjusted independently of each other. Due to the high transmission power, the blocking range of mobile phones is wide.

There are military cell phone jammers. Interfere with mobile phone signals. Helps you focus on your work. This is a powerful wifi jammer that helps ensure silence around you. Achieve the best performance and reliability. The jamming radius depends on several conditions, such as transmitter frequency and output power, and distance to the receiver.