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I cannot connect to the Internet Some devices disable wireless connections. This Wi-Fi jamming will automatically disconnect your Wi-Fi connection. It is a device that can block radio waves to the receiver. It emits disturbing radio waves over the entire 2.4Ghz band. It interferes with the function of wireless equipment and interferes with wireless communication. Limited to a specific space with strong publicity. It is recognized that it is unavoidable to restrict the use of telephones, etc. You can lock the base frequency that provides wireless network operation.

A device can interfere with radio waves in various bands. With the power of the mobile phone or PHS turned on, the location confirmation communication is performed with the base station of the telephone company using the basic signal. Since the basic signal from the base station cannot be received, it will be in the "out of service area" state. There is little understanding of radio jammers, as well as hearing about wifi jammer equipment. Once you have this product, you can control the transfer of your personal data to make it more secure. Not only at home, but also when complete security and privacy are important.

It applies to a fairly wide range. The most famous and popular jammer of the day. Wireless communication is used for mobile communications, various video online conferences, etc. You can turn it on to protect yourself. Information about individuals can be stolen. The best way to block wireless network signals is to use a smartphone jammer.