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Mini USB GPS Jammers U Disk Easy Carry Hidden

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Weight: 45g
Dimensions: 68 x 20 x 10mm

Product Code: EO00006US

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The mini usb gps jammer can block the gps signals which can help you avoid gps tracking. And this usb blocker is very convenience because it can be charged by your android cell phone,computer,car charger,mobile phone charger with its usb and android charging interface.

Features: Small size,light weight,easy to carry
Usb port, can work in mobile phones, computers and other configuration of usb devices

Other Parameters: Jamming frequency: GPS (1500 - 1600MHz)
Jamming radius : Up to 5 meters(depending on the signal strength in the given area)
Supply voltage: DC 3.7 - 6V
USB interface(Portable battery,Computer,Mobile phone charger,Car charger)
Weight: 45g
Dimensions: 68 * 20 * 10mm

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Easy Hidden And carry

Sharvan Jaddu 2018-02-25

For you do not want to be discovered by others, you are blocking the GPS satellite signal, it is a good tool, easy to hide and carry, almost can not be recognized by others.

Average rating:

Powerful Enough

Fiben Fiben 2018-01-17

Although it uses the power supply mode of the usb interface, the shape is also very small, but it is powerful enough, I personally tested its interference range, the radius of up to 5 meters.