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Mini portable GPS signal jammer for car use

Admin Posted on 2019-10-07

High technology has brought convenience to our lives, but it has also added restrictions on our freedom. For example, we can quickly find our location through GPS location technology, find our destination and determine the route, which greatly shortens our travel time, but sometimes, when we want to hide our location information, we will Need to block our GPS signal. At this time, you can try using a portable gps blocker.

GPS jammers, also known as "car gps jammer", are used to shield GPS signals in cars and have no effect on other electronic products in use, such as mobile phones. The GPS jammer on the market uses a single output with a range of 5-20 meters (generally depending on the strength of the local GPS signal), and the GPS position terminal has a working frequency of 1560-1580 MHz.

GPS jammers for sale on the market all come with a car charger that is small and easy to carry and operate. When you feel your location information leaks, or if you are worried about being tracked, turn on the jammer switch, the GPS signal will be immediately disturbed, and the anti-tracking and anti-positioning functions will start working. At the same time, these interference devices have built-in fan ports, so you don't have to worry about the instrument being overheated and damaged due to long-term use.

Some GPS jamming device can not only interfere with GPS signals, but also interfere with cell phone signals such as GSM 3G. You can make selective purchases according to your needs. All the interference equipment here guarantees the quality of the products and is delivered free of charge. Please note: This product is designed to protect the privacy of users and not for criminal activities.

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