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Directional drone scrambler

A few days ago, Shanghai Airport officially used the drone jammer to defend against UAVs, and conducted a simple test before using it. The content of the test is to examine whether the equipment can handle more than a dozen drones operating at the same time. The results of the experiment are excellent. When more than a dozen UAVs are running at the same time, this device can identify them one by one within a few seconds, and sends out a strong interference signal, causing these UAVs to "strike" directly.

Such test results also indirectly prove that the use effect of the UAV automatic detection and defense system is very obvious. Previously, the problem of Shanghai Airport being interfered by drones has been unresolved, and sometimes even directly affects the take-off of the plane, putting passengers at Shanghai Airport under great security threats.

Most of the equipment is currently in the testing phase. This test at Shanghai Airport is representative and epoch-making. From the day of use, the problem of drones interfering with airport flights will be completely resolved. Judging from the current test results, it will be the general trend to equip the major airports across the country with this system.