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Electronic jamming drone

The impact of drones on airports has always been an unsolvable problem. From 2012 to 2016, the economic losses caused by the black drone flight in various regional airports in China have reached 30 million yuan, and it has brought huge security risks to passengers and flight safety. Since March 2017, various airports have been equipped with drone jammer, and successfully intercepted 56 cases of UAVs, which has brought great convenience to the safe operation of the airport.

In addition to airports, security agencies, concerts, anti-terrorism and other regions have begun to use countermeasures products, and various security agencies have also begun to purchase the products on a large scale. UAV countermeasures are sought after by the market. So far, the drone has encountered a big "nemesis." The countermeasure system can monitor the surrounding area of several kilometers and release interference signals. None of the drones "survived" in the area where the equipment worked.

For drone enthusiasts, there is nothing wrong with using drones reasonably on the basis of not affecting public safety, but if they are used in areas that are expressly prohibited, they will definitely be driven away.