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High Power Chassis All Mobile GPS Blocker Jamming WIFI Frequency Jammer

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Total Power: 216W
Weight: 8.55kg
Dimensions: 350 x 272 x 150mm

Product Code: EO05301US

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If you need to ban mobile phones in large venues, this high power mobile jammer is a good option. Its interference radius is up to 150 meters. The signal shield, with 216W power output, blocks GSM 3G 4G mobile phone signals and will block wireless and GPS satellite signals. This product is environmentally friendly and has no effect on human body.

Jamming Frequencies: - CDMA : 869 - 894MHz
- GSM : 930 - 960MHz
- PCS : 1930-1990MHz
- 3G : 2110 - 2170MHz
- 4G LTE : 2620 - 2675MHz
- WIFI : 2400 - 2500MHz
- GPS L1 : 1500 - 1600 MHz
- GPS L2 : 1220 - 1230 MHz
- GPS L3 : 1200 - 1210 MHz
- GPS L4 : 1250 - 1280 MHz
- GPS L5 : 1170 - 1180 MHz

Other Parameters: Total Power : 216W
Power supply : AC 220V - DC 27V
Jamming radius : 5 - 150m (The radius may be affected by the environmental magnetic field)
Weight: 8.55 kg
Dimensions: 350 * 272 * 150mm

Packing List: 1 * Portable signal jammer
1 * AC charger
1 * Car charger
5 * Antennas

Customer Reviews

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Jammers For Office

Pandav Kumar 2018-04-19

I accepted complaints about cell phone noise. The mobile jammer created a favorable environment for my audience. I purchased two for home and office.

Average rating:

Mobile Internet Killer

Anmol Kuzzu 2018-01-08

Because the company's employees spend more time on mobile phones, mobile games, etc., it leads to inefficient work. I purchased and installed this device in the corner of the office. When employees could not connect to the network, they immediately saw that the employee’s output per hour increased by a factor of three. It's really a good tool for prohibiting mobile phones.