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Drone jammers in different scenarios

Admin Posted on 2022-09-16

With the lowering of the threshold for the use of domestic drones, the drone jammer drone counter gun came into being. At present, UAV countermeasure technology roughly includes signal jamming, radar detection, laser cannon shooting down, and comprehensive technology. The countermeasures currently studied and applied in our country include GPS spoofing, hardware implanted GPS spoofing, control signal jamming and hijacking, sonic jamming, thermal weapons or laser cannons, etc. Each countermeasure method has its advantages and disadvantages and application scenarios.

1 laser weapon

Laser weapons mainly use high-energy laser beams to quickly and efficiently strike long-range targets, and they can also be used to strike UAVs. Laser weapons have a long range, high energy, and great power. Once they are aimed at the target, they can be instantly damaged or destroyed. Laser weapons can use ground-based and vehicle-mounted methods to strike UAV targets. With UAV search and positioning equipment, they can quickly track the target, and then damage or destroy the target. The disadvantage of using laser weapons is that it is expensive, greatly affected by weather and environment, and it is difficult to accurately locate and target the target in time.

2 Electromagnetic Interference

At present, the communication frequency bands used by most UAVs are 2.4GHZ and 5.8GHZ. According to the frequency band characteristics of this electromagnetic signal, high-power electronic drone signal jammer (mostly in the form of rifles) can be used to directionally suppress and interfere with UAVs. The uplink and downlink communication link signals with the ground remote controller, and then the image transmission and data transmission signals of the UAV are weakened or even lost, forcing the UAV to automatically return to the home or land in place. In view of the high safety performance of this method , The cost is low, and it has been widely used at present.

3 baiting guide

Based on the positioning principle and function of GPS, most UAVs need to rely on GPS data information to locate the take-off point, set the flight trajectory and assist in improving the flight stability during flight. If technical means are used in a suitable area to artificially change and adjust the GPS data so that the drone receives the artificially set GPS data, the drone can be induced to return to the desired location or change its pre-set flight trajectory. This method is more feasible.

anti drone gun jammer

4 Sonic interference

In the form of sound waves, it can effectively interfere with the close-range UAV. In theory, as long as the decibel of the sound wave is large enough, the unmanned gyroscope system can make a wrong judgment and cause the UAV to land or crash. The method is only suitable for attacks within a short range. At the same time, this method is still in the research stage, and the application effect needs to be further improved.

5 Microwave Interference

Microwave interference is the use of high-energy electromagnetic radiation to damage or destroy the target UAV. In theory, microwave interference is better than electromagnetic interference because of its less restricted conditions, and the strike distance is relatively long. At present, this method is being applied. during the experiment.

To achieve effective countermeasures against UAVs, different methods need to be adopted according to specific scenarios, or multiple countermeasures should be used in combination. Jammer mart focuses on R&D and production in the field of drone anti jammer to maintain the green operation of UAVs.

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