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Precautions for purchasing drone jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-09-22

At present, the threshold for drones in commercial and civilian use is getting lower and lower. With the gradual opening of low-altitude airspace control, illegal flying, and the use of small drones to bundle bombs, transport guns, drugs, and other crimes emerge in an endless stream.

In the first half of this year, the public security departments in many places in my country exceeded one million yuan in the procurement of UAV countermeasure equipment. In some regions, the budget amount is nearly 10 million yuan. From the side, you can feel the seriousness of the black flying of drones in terms of public safety and personal privacy.

When it comes to drone jammer, many people have never heard of them, or have heard them but don't know much about them. Literally, it can be understood as a product that interferes with the normal flight of the drone. This type of product is mainly used for low-altitude protection in important areas and major events, preventing the intrusion of drone targets and ensuring the safety of important areas and major events. At present, the main consumers have been revolving around the government.

Regrettably, although this industry has developed rapidly, there are no relevant legal standards to make specific regulations and requirements for such products. Therefore, as long as the bidding documents are met, the bid can be won, and the subsequent performance of the contract bears a greater risk.

Then, what settings can government purchasers make in the bidding documents to protect their rights and interests?

The reporter looked at the procurement bidding documents for drone signal jammer in some provinces and cities and found that most of the drone countermeasure equipment products purchased by buyers are drone electromagnetic suppression equipment, spectrum detection equipment, and drones. Control system, drone jammer device chassis, etc.

What services should a drone jammer supplier provide?

In terms of product quality requirements and technical indicators, in addition to requiring supplier products to provide evaluation documents for equipment operation in severe weather. When supplying, the winning bidder will also be required to provide the spectrum detection system, the low-altitude surveillance radar manufacturer's after-sales service commitment letter, the project authorization letter, and the original supply certificate for the project, otherwise, the acceptance will not be accepted.

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In this regard, some experts said that "the setting temperature of the anti-climate equipment can be ≤0°C and ≥+50°C. In addition, although many purchasers know the purchase, they do not use the equipment. Therefore, the bidding documents, and also clearly require the winning bidder to be responsible for arranging free training for users and maintenance personnel, including equipment and software system operation, daily maintenance, etc., so as to ensure that the relevant users of the purchaser are proficient in all functions and operation and maintenance skills.”

Experts pointed out that for different electronic drone jammers, the length, diameter, bracket, closed height, maximum height, terminal length, continuous working time, standby time, countermeasure distance, etc. of the antenna should be listed in the technical bidding documents. minutes for further clarification. In terms of quality assurance, he pointed out that during the warranty period, free on-site maintenance, replacement of spare parts, and provision of support services for important periods or major events required by the purchaser can all be written in the bidding documents.

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