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Four solutions for drone jammer technology

Admin Posted on 2022-09-16

The wide application of drones has spawned anti-drone system technology, and we will explain four solutions for drone jammer in detail.

With the change in science and technology, the drone industry is getting stronger and stronger. High-tech products that can only be seen in science fiction movies in the past few years have been widely used in military detection, aerial photography, environmental monitoring, electric power, etc. Inspection, disaster relief, news reporting, express logistics, remote sensing mapping, agricultural irrigation, etc., and applications in various fields are showing an explosive growth trend. As the price of drones continues to decrease, it is not impossible to realize the universal popularization of drones predicted by experts one day in the future. However, since the relevant flight management system has not yet been promulgated and implemented, the current indiscriminate flying and abuse of drones seem to have formed a new threat to public safety and personal privacy, and other security issues. Due to its characteristics of high altitude, high speed, stealth, and long endurance, it has played an increasingly important role in the war, but it has posed a great threat to the original national air defense system. Faced with the problems brought about by the widespread use of drones, a new industry is emerging - drone jammers. In recent years, many countries such as the United States, Russia, Germany, China, and the United Kingdom have successively proposed anti-UAV technology requirements and plans, and actively researched anti-UAV technology and systems.

The technical types of drone jammer system are mainly divided into the following four types:

From the functional point of view, the anti-UAV can be divided into two parts: UAV detection and UAV countermeasures. As far as the current mainstream anti-UAV technology system is concerned, it is mainly composed of detection, tracking, and early warning technology, damage technology, jamming technology, and camouflage and deception technology. Generally divided into four categories:

1. Interference blocking class. The jamming-blocking anti-UAV system mainly transmits a directional high-power jamming radio frequency to the target UAV to cut off the communication between the UAV and the remote control, thereby forcing the UAV to land or return by itself.

2. Destroy the class directly. Direct destruction of anti-UAV systems mainly includes anti-UAV laser cannons, which directly destroy target UAVs.

3. Monitoring and control. Whether it is interference blocking or direct destruction, it is easy to cause the crash of the drone and bring additional impact. In order to avoid this from happening, people hope to control the drone by intercepting the transmission code used by the drone and even guiding it to return.

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4. Signal deception. Mainly GPS signal spoofing, GPS signal spoofing, can be generally divided into two types: one is called autonomous spoofing jamming, that is, the jamming system directly transmits the false navigation signal generated by itself to the user receiver, so that the user receiver can get the wrong fake navigation signal. Therefore, the wrong position and velocity information is calculated to achieve the purpose of deception. Autonomous jamming seems to have good operability. However, to achieve autonomous deception jamming, it is necessary to fully grasp the structure of the GPS signals, including code structure, navigation information content, etc. These are the core technologies of GPS systems, and it is difficult to obtain corresponding technologies. material. The other is mirror jamming, which is generally referred to as forwarding deception jamming. The principle of GPS systems (including BDS and GLONASS) is not to directly give the location information of the target location that needs to be reached, but the GPS satellites to give the coordinates of the satellites and the satellites. At the time of the clock, the user receiver calculates its own position (positioning) and its own time (timing) through the information of multiple satellites and the local time. The advantage of this kind of interference is that no matter what method is used for GPS encryption, as long as we know the downlink frequency of its satellites, it can be achieved.

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