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Drone jammer based on anti-remote sensing technology

Admin Posted on 2022-09-15

Drones are becoming increasingly popular. People use drones for photography, delivery of goods and farming. But the proliferation of drones brings new challenges that we need to address. Since drones invade our privacy and can be used for spying or theft, people have the right to stop them. This is why the drone jammer market is growing day by day as more and more people want to protect their property from unwanted surveillance and espionage. It's not illegal to buy drone jammer, but you must follow strict rules about how to use them. If you own a drone jammer device, you can easily jam all the signals in a specific location, but they are expensive devices, so if you buy it yourself, it's an investment in your future and privacy.

UAV countermeasures based on anti-remote sensing technology. The principle of remote control based on UAV can be developed from two communication methods: wireless remote control signal interference and wireless remote control signal spoofing.

In the process of performing the flight mission, the UAV must be controlled by remote control commands issued by the ground personnel to make it perform various actions. These are achieved through the remote control system, which is the brain and decision-making part of the drone.

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The UAV control circuit accepts and judges the command code output by the controller; the UAV remote control system consists of a manipulator, a control circuit, a wireless data transmission station and a remote control receiver. The controller is responsible for the generation of the remote control code signal , the generation of the ranging reference signal; the UAV wireless data transmission station is mainly responsible for the frequency modulation and high-frequency power amplification of the command encoded signal, and sends the encoded signal to the UAV through the transmitting antenna; the receiver receives the ground remote control transmission through the receiving antenna The radio frequency signal sent by the drone is modulated and demodulated after a system of amplification, frequency mixing, and detection operations, to generate a digital signal that the control chip can recognize, and realize the control of the drone.

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