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Can the drone jamming defense system be used continuously for a long time?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-03

Some important confidential places or key government departments choose to purchase and install a drone interference defense system, the purpose is to effectively prevent illegal intrusion of drones, prevent leaks or prevent malicious attacks by drones, then drone jammer defense Can the system be used continuously for a long time?

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This first depends on the functions of the UAV interference defense system purchased by the user, and these functions can be roughly divided into two parts: UAV detection and UAV strike (UAV interference).

If there is a UAV detection function module in the UAV interference defense system, that is, it has the functions of detecting, discovering or UAV identity features, then it can be determined according to the judgment conditions after the UAV is discovered. Whether to start jamming or attacking the drone. The drone jamming defense system with drone detection function, its detection function can be used continuously for a long time, and can maintain a continuous detection state for 24 hours without interruption. The jamming function module is in a standby state, and it only starts to perform UAV jamming and strikes after receiving the command to start the strike from the detection component.

In another configuration scheme, if the drone signal jammer defense system does not include the functional components for UAV detection, it is only a simple signal drone jammer function. It will inevitably include the most common three frequency bands of WiFi2.4G, GPS navigation 1.5G and WiFi5.8G. If these three frequency bands are turned on at the same time and work continuously for a long time, especially the drone interference defense system is installed in In the central area of ​​​​the city, it is very likely to have a greater impact on the normal life of the unit and the surrounding ordinary people. Therefore, in this case, our suggestion is not to continuously open the drone interference system for a long time.

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