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Drone jammers Ban drones from flying

Admin Posted on 2022-09-06

Drone jammer use advanced components and technology to neutralize unauthorized drones/quadcopters. This set of blocking signal frequencies can eliminate all known and available drones and drone models, as well as blocking models such as the Dji Phantom Jammer 4, an anti-drone jammer for blocking undesired flights, and video and audio recording For operations, drones are used to monitor and access protected areas and drones into secure areas and campuses. There are two types of antennas, capable of adjusting the strength of the jamming channel, as well as disconnecting the drone completely. Jamming devices are certified for use in industrial facilities, closely guarded objects, small businesses, and to ensure the security and privacy of personal life.

electronic drone jammer

All drone jamming devices are based on jamming units. The system affects the drone by using a directional antenna array. When a threat is noticed, the system always sends automatic commands to the jamming device and begins locking onto all radio communication channels, including GPS signals and video links. Said perturbs the general orientation of the drone. Here, the drone loses contact with the operator. The system is managed by a PC or remote control, the specification generally interferes with the state.

The drone RF jammer has a user-friendly interface that displays the jamming status. Due to the advanced UAV jamming technology used in the system, the operating range can reach 2km. This is a perfect drone jamming system for a variety of sensitive and protected areas, including prisons, military bases, power plants, oil refineries and generally private properties. In addition to the standard series, drone frequency jammer can be assembled in a single order according to the buyer's requirements.

As society progresses, many people will own drones. Managing drones is increasingly difficult. Some people do not obey the law. You can use drone signal jammer to ensure the safety, public order and safety of national airspace.

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