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What is the difference between a gps jammer and a voice jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-04

Modern living essentially requires us to give up data and privacy for everyday activities, from social media use to airport travel (i.e. biometric-based services like Clear and TSA Precheck). These practices extend to our vehicles and, in some cases, our private conversations. With the constant risk of hacking and data breaches, many people are searching for ways to not only hand over less data but also protect themselves from harmful exposure.

Some of the most tempting and easily accessible ways to go off the grid include GPS jammers and audio or voice protection systems, sometimes called voice jammers. As you consider these different counter surveillance devices, it’s important to recognize their differences,as well as named

GPS blocker

What is a GPS Jammer?

GPS jammers were originally created for government use to conceal the location of combat vehicles during high-risk missions. In essence, a GPS jammer is a small device used to conceal your whereabouts from a GPS tracking device that is monitoring your location and movements. The GPS jammer sends out radio signals with the same frequency as those of your GPS device and, because of the interference, the GPS blockers are unable to determine your vehicle’s position.

The typical GPS jammer is unassuming – it’s a self-contained unit that plugs into a cigarette lighter or similar auxiliary power source. It sends an interference signal (1575.42 Mhz) over a distance of up to 10 meters, and is usually placed in close proximity to the GPS device. Once the GPS jammer is powered up, it’s running in less than 20 seconds. These devices can come equipped for all sorts of needs – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity, physical shields, remote controls, and options that work with spy cameras and drones.

What is an Audio Jammer?

A recording jammer is a device used to shield recording in a specific environment. It can effectively interfere with digital and tape recorders, video cameras, and eavesdropping devices. It can effectively interfere with digital recording pens and tape recorders with a frequency of 100HZ-20000HZ. By outputting white noise outside the frequency range of human hearing, what the recording pen or recorder records is just a "humming" noise, and the conversation content of the speaker cannot be recorded, and the recorded voice cannot be restored to the speaker after sound post-processing. sound (because the sound captured by the recording device is only noise). Thus, the dialogue content is effectively protected from being secretly recorded. At the same time, the recording device jammer does not emit any visible sound at work.

The function of GPS jammer

Like mobile phone signals, GPS signals are easily interfered by electronic devices. The signal blocker can block the signals within a certain range, so that all communication devices within the range lose their signals. Installing a GPS locator on the car can make it easy for car owners to find their car on the GPS monitoring platform. However, such a good thing has also been found by criminals. As long as you buy a signal jammer on a treasure, you can steal your car. When it is turned on, there is no signal on the car, and the car is offline on the platform, as if it is missing, no matter how you can find it.

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