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The main points of installing a military prison signal jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-08-23

Prison signal jammers are widely used in prisons,The installation of prison signal jammers in prisons is based on the on-site survey data of spectrum analyzers to analyze the specific communication frequency bands, mobile phone signal strength and distribution in the entire prison, so that according to the actual situation on the site, Configure the shielding device model and parameters.

According to the design principles of the prison signal jammer and the complex real environment of the prison, the following points are mainly considered when arranging the prison signal jammer:

1. Correctly handle and shield strong signals to reduce external interference problems. Due to the complex environment of the prison, after the prison military signal jammer is blocked by the building wall, the signal begins to attenuate greatly, which is bound to cause a blind spot for shielding. The shielded signals in each area should be rationally matched and uniformly shielded to accurately shield the mobile phone signals in the prison, and then be optimized according to different situations to achieve the best shielding effect.

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2. When using the prison signal jammer outdoors, the direction of the base station is roughly the same as possible, so that the shielded signal is equivalent to the path of the base station signal into the room, so the transmission loss is also equivalent, and the shielded signal can be relatively strong in areas with strong mobile phone signals. , the shielding signal is relatively weak in areas with weak mobile phone signals.

3. Fully control the distance of various antennas. According to different environmental requirements, select the corresponding antenna and gain technical indicators. At the same time, according to the on-site construction environmental conditions, the erection position and height should be reasonably selected, and the projection direction and electromagnetic power of the antenna should be controlled to avoid affecting the residents outside the prison and the office area.

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