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High End Backpack Remote Control Wirless Drone Jammer Powerful Customization

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Weight: ≤3.9KG
Dimensions: L≤400mm,W≤290mm,H≤100mm

Product Code: EO00008US

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The BCSK-B80 backpack drone jammers are easy to carry, with high power and shield radius up to 1500 meters, and can shield all GPS WiFi2.4g 5.8g 433MHZ 915MHZ signals of the shield area,covering the entire low-altitude open area.It mainly used for domestic no-fly zones,the scene of preventing the leakage of information,and crack down the illegal activities of using drones as vehicles.

Product Features: Portable design:backpack appearance
Maximum control distance: 1500m (covering the whole low-altitude open area)
Built-in high capacity lithium battery, can work for 120 minutes
Easy to operate: one key switch machine, remote video, local landing, return flight take-off point three modes free choice

Jamming Frequencies: - 2.4G: 2400 - 2500MHZ / 50W
- 5.8G: 5700 - 5800MHZ / 10W
- GPS: 1560 - 1580MHz / 10W
- 433MHZ: 44DB(20W)
- 915MHZ: 44DB(20W)

Other Parameters: Jamming radius : Up 1500 meters
Accuracy of return landing : 1-5 Meters
Switch life : More Than 200,000 Times
Working temperature: - 25 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
Protection grade : IP55
Battery working time : 2 Hours
Lithium battery working time : 70 Minutes
Weight: ≤3.9kg
Dimensions: L≤400mm, W≤290mm, H≤100mm

Packing List: 1 * Backpack drone jammer
1 * AC charger

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Powerful Noise Hunters

Hackman Carlo 2019-03-19

I am a quiet person, but recently there are several drones flying at low altitude, and the noise is so loud that I cannot work normally. On the recommendation of a friend,I bought this drone jammer in this mall, it is very powerful, and since then it is quiet around.

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