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Wireless scramble application

The North Koreans have old Soviet jammers and their own homemade equipment that they bought about 10 years ago. These wheeled jams were placed on the hills of Kaesong Province near the border to maximize their destination.

Also introduced a new generation of jammers, which can cover a wide frequency range and perform specific "trigger" jamming, which means "Duke did not confuse the receiver with a modified version of its own signal, a series of jamming signal inputs, Designed to deceive very specific equipment." With the improvement of interference factors, Iraqi insurgents have largely abandoned the use of improvised explosive devices, and the death toll of improvised explosive devices has decreased.

The reason why wifi jammer use jamming equipment is that military switches are called improvised explosive device electronic warfare systems or CREW systems controlled by radio controllers, which try to intercept or intercept signals before they reach their intended targets to prevent explosions.