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With the rapid spread of mobile phones, various harmful effects have been pointed out. There are also concerns about breaking the silence and affecting precision equipment. It is a WiFi jammer when urging you to stop using it by detecting the radio signal of mobile phone, PHS, Homer. It helps improve mobile phone etiquette in various places. If there is a PHS base station near the installation location, you can prevent malfunctions due to signals from the base station by setting.

The angle of the radio jammer antenna can be finely adjusted. It corresponds to the frequency and can be turned on / off and the strength can be adjusted for each cutoff band. Acts such as disassembling or modifying to illegally output output are criminal acts that violate the Radio Law. In Japan, the act of blocking radio waves without the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications may violate the Radio Law. It is most effective in places where it is not desirable to use a mobile phone or where a quiet space is required, and it is difficult to improve by just alerting the audience. However, when I was reading a book on the train today, people around me started to flutter my cell phone. I wondered if I had switched on the wifi jammer without knowing it, but it turned off properly. By the way, my cell phone is also out of service. Maybe someone else was jamming.

The frequency band used by overseas satellites is 3400-4200MHz, while the mobile 3.5GHz band is 3480-3600MHz. Or, there is a radio wave leaking from the mobile 3.5 GHz band (unnecessary emission 3480 MHz or less, 3600 MHz or more). Since the radio waves in the mobile 3.5 GHz band partially overlap with the radio waves in the signal band of the overseas satellite TV, the TV signal is transmitted from the radio waves of the overseas satellite TV due to the deterioration of the signal power to noise power ratio (C / N) from the satellite. It becomes difficult to take out. It depends on the characteristics of the mobile 3.5GHz charged wave (difference in level between the main wave and unnecessary emission), but in many cases, interference in the main wave 3480 to 3600MHz band becomes dominant.