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Wireless signal scramble for sale

I often hear that it interferes with radio waves. You can easily disable familiar devices. Super cheap, new product jammers are free to ship and are wholesale in bulk. At the test location, you can block all signals from smartphone radio barriers and mobile phones. It can also be adjusted to the radio wave cutoff distance.

It is a deterrent device for mobile phones developed to maintain a safe and comfortable space. It's easy to operate, just press one button and it's okay. Sales and wholesale / retail specialty stores, with 1 year warranty! We will continue to do our best to provide services that satisfy our customers. You can adjust on / off, radio wave strength, radio wave distance and function for each mobile jamming cutoff band.

This product 4G wifi jammer has an independent power supply and adjustment button for each antenna. In addition, it is also possible to individually set the radio band that you want to block or do not want to block according to your request. I don't want to block the radio signal band of the phone, but I can cut only the radio waves of gps and WiFi.