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Wifi signal disruptor application

The car GPS signal jammer series is the third generation of green GPS signal jammer, which only shields the terminal site to receive GPS signal without interfering with any negative influence of transportation with other electronic communication equipment around. .. This machine covers the various GPS positioning signals on all terminals within the mask range (may depend on satellite signal strength) 2 to 50 meters, so that the outside GPS is within the entire range of the GPS jammer shield. All terminals use a single output to have positioning Suspend. The rated operating voltage of this product is 12V --- 24V, operating frequency bandwidth of 20MHz, frequency range: .1560-1580MHz.

Mobile phone jammer Product description procedure Wide frequency jamming device

Remove GPS antenna installed on device. Insert the cigarette lighter outlet of the applicable car. The device is energized with indicator lights, normal operation. GPS signals after use remove can jammers directly Speed ​​monitoring platform did not remain stationary before shield or note When using onboard GPS jammers, the following points should be noted, The shield is an intact antenna with the antenna and instrument interface tightened. As shown in the wifi jammer, the device is inserted into the vehicle's good contact cigar socket.