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Wifi signal killer

It is necessary to have interference between the source and the wiretapping sneak shot detector sensor connected to complete the circuit, and the conductivity, the interference signal is the radiation propagation form medium of this connection circuit electromagnetic wave, the electromagnetic field. According to the law, the disturbance energy released into the surrounding space is transmitted along the transmission. Most of the data exchanges generated during the exchange of processing information and video data information with computers, security machines, information processing devices, copiers, printers, etc. are electromagnetic wave conduction radiant energy GPS jammers in the form of certain leaks. ..

With the advent of high-tech detectors, computers and other electronic information devices, power lines are prevented, and electromagnetic radiation in the workplace space leaks, which is an important part of security work. wifi jammer is the protection of electronic information to meet the market demand and the development of electronic information protection products. The product covers a wide range of features, is safe, reliable and easy to use.