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Buy a GPS signal jammer suitable for your car

Admin Posted on 2019-10-17

We often see such a clip in the movie: in order to locate the address of the suspect or gangster, the police often install a GPS location tracker on the undercover and "eyeline", or on the mobile phone, so as to obtain the trading place of the gangsters, and then catch them all.

Of course, there are also some upright characters in the movie. Because of some psychological or negligence in doing things, the villain has placed a small GPS locator on the body, so that everything done is controlled by the villain. These tracking instruments are small in size, some are placed in buttons, some are mounted on the bottom of the car, and some are stuck on the battery of the phone, so how can we prevent the GPS tracking device is important.

These tracking devices are small and difficult to find with our naked eyes unless some professional machines are used. With the development and continuous improvement of GPS technology, GPS navigation systems are widely used. For example, our most common aircraft navigation systems, car navigation systems, and even almost all smartphones are equipped with GPS.

There are always some hackers who use black technology to do things that we dare not think about but are closely related to our daily lives. They can use some black technology software to crack our GPS system, so as to track our location and do some illegal activities, such as the legendary detective.

All, it is necessary to shield your car position at the right time. At this time, we only need to shield the gps band to realize the perfect hiding of our car, so that others can't find our position. But how to block vehicle gps tracking and shield GPS positioning?

GPS signal blocker is the most practical and simplest and most common kind of signal shielding equipment. The most popular ones on the market are portable GPS blockers. They are small in size, light in weight, rechargeable in the car, and cheap. They are very suitable for car. Used inside. When the device is running, it can generally block the GPS signal in the range of 2-20 meters around, and completely realize the "hidden" of the car.

Anti-GPS tracking jammer

Before purchasing this device, we need to know the GPS signal that it blocks. Almost all GPS signal jamming devices can shield the GPSL1 L2 band at the same time. Some high-priced devices can also interfere with some mobile phone signals, such as 3G 4G GSM band, so when you purchase you only need to determine the frequency band you want to interfere with, you can use it with confidence.

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