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What can effectively block wifi signals?

Gillu Lorry October 2022

Where is the shield clip better than the shield frame?

jammer-mart forums

Jammer-Mart October 2022

1. Fixing clip for wifi jammer cover, the product has good elasticity, easy to tin, and is packaged with SMD carrier tape.

2. It is easy to mount, better separates the shielding area, strengthens the shielding effect, and reduces the wifi jamming device.

3. The production process, material, solderability, flatness, and packaging requirements of the shielding frame reduce the production and use of the cost of the wifi jammer device and the shielding frame.

4. At the same time, it also reduces the cost of subsequent mainboard production, inspection, maintenance, etc.

5. After the patch production inspection is qualified, the shielding cover is added. The shielding cover can be directly removed from the fixing clip during maintenance, and the shielding cover is no longer required to be blown off at high temperatures, which avoids blowing off the shielding cover at high temperatures. Damage to the motherboard, It greatly reduces the bad board rate caused by maintenance, and directly protects the mainboard of the mobile phone. It is the best product to replace the shielding frame.