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Portable wifi signal jammer you need

Admin Posted on 2022-09-02

Whether it is using wireless network, bluetooth, wireless transmission to hide shooting, handheld wifi jammer is the best choice to prevent car positioning, mobile phone positioning, google network positioning to track, these worries, as long as an EO08007US handheld mobile phone + satellite Signal + WIFI interceptor, everything can be solved.

Handheld mobile phone & satellite signal interceptor is our factory based on the current flood of hidden shooting (using wireless network, handheld wifi signal jammer device long distance, Bluetooth, wireless transmission, etc.) and tracking (car positioning, mobile phone positioning , google network positioning, etc.) are specially designed and produced for the inconvenience brought to some confidential units and individuals. In view of the characteristics of all current GPS satellite positioning systems and wireless hidden shooting, wifi handheld shielding device long-distance, Beidou mobile phone signal shielding device can be On behalf of the sender, the GPS satellite signal and the wireless hidden shooting transmission signal are effectively cut off within the radius of 1-30 meters of the product, so as to form an effective protection area, so that your whereabouts are not worried about being tracked and hidden shooting.

handheld wifi signal jammer

1. Effectively prevent being tracked by GPS satellite positioning, protect your whereabouts privacy and information privacy
2. At the same time effectively shield CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/3G/4G and other mobile phone signals
3. Can shield 2.4GWIFI and wireless hidden transmission signals
4. Small size, high power, light weight, large coverage, easy to carry
Product applicable place
1. Vehicles with GPS positioning or navigation installed
2. Party and government or key state secret places
3. Individuals who need to prevent tracking and anti-hidden shooting
Installation Guide

This product is directly plugged into the car power supply, and can also be used in the household 220V power supply

Installation direction: Do not point the antenna of the mobile phone signal jammer to the direction of the mobile phone signal station, otherwise it will affect the use effect.

(1) Antenna connection

The antenna adopts error-proof design, and can only be inserted and installed when it is correct. (Note: If the power switch is turned on without the antenna installed, the unit may be damaged)

(2) Power connection

Check the power switch of the main unit and confirm that the power switch is in the off position. Insert the output plug of the power transformer into the power socket in the middle of the left side of the main unit. The input plug of the power transformer is connected to the AC220V power supply. The vehicle power supply is within 1224V.

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