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The way to choose a wifi signal jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-09-01

As we all know, the wifi signal blocker is to block the signal of the base station, and it will attenuate when it encounters obstacles. If it is a solid wall of reinforced concrete, the attenuation after penetration is very large; if it is gypsum board, the attenuation is smaller; if it is glass or wood, there is basically not much attenuation, and today I will tell you how to make the effect of wifi signal jammer becomes stronger.

wifi remote signal jammer

One: Take a used can, clean it, pull out the pull ring

Two: Circumcising the bottom of the tank to remove the entire bottom

Three: Make a circular cut on the top of the tank, be careful not to cut all of it, leave 1-2 cm part without cutting, and the remaining 1-2 cm part must be close to the tank mouth
Four: Draw a red line vertically on the reverse side and cut off the iron sheet along the middle of the red line

Five: Spread the cut iron sheet slowly and slowly to make a fan shape.

Six: Put the finished fan-shaped iron shell on the signal jammer antenna.

Signal jammer selection method:

1. Shop around to select products, conduct extensive research and learn more about:

1. Conduct research on product quality, technical means and brand;

2. Through network search, preliminary understanding and communication with technical personnel, listening to technical explanations;
3: Select the best ones, go to the site for on-site inspection and demonstrate the shielding effect;
3. The actual effect of the case study:

1. After the demonstration of the product, you can inspect the application, operation status and actual effect of the product in other similar projects;

2. Bring the mobile phone into the shielded area after approval during the inspection to verify the shielding effect.

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