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Do you know the military electromagnetic shielding room?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-01

With the development of science and technology, all countries are constantly developing electronic warfare, and the main competition of electronic warfare is electromagnetic shielding technology. Before, countries were constantly developing military signal jammer, and now more powerful electromagnetic shielding rooms have appeared. The electromagnetic shielding room is the A steel plate house, cold-rolled steel plate is its main shielding material. Including six-sided housing, doors, windows and other general housing elements, only strict electromagnetic sealing performance is required, and all incoming and outgoing pipelines are shielded accordingly, thereby blocking the entry and exit of electromagnetic radiation. There are four types of electromagnetic shielding rooms: steel plate assembled type, steel plate welded type, steel plate directly attached type and copper mesh type. The assembled type is assembled by steel plate modules with a thickness of 1.5mm. The production and installation process is relatively simple, and it is suitable for projects with small area and general shielding efficiency requirements. It can be dismantled and rebuilt, but the shielding efficiency is obviously reduced after the relocation. Steel plate welded shielding room is made of 2~3mm cold-rolled steel plate welded with keel frame, which has high shielding efficiency and is suitable for various sizes. It is the main form of electromagnetic shielding room. The direct type and copper mesh type are used for simple projects with low requirements on shielding effectiveness.

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The main functions of the electromagnetic shielding room are:

Isolate external electromagnetic interference to ensure the normal operation of indoor electronic and electrical equipment. Especially in the measurement and testing of electronic components and electrical equipment, the electromagnetic shielding room (or dark room) is used to simulate the ideal electromagnetic environment to improve the accuracy of the test results.

Block indoor electromagnetic radiation from spreading to the outside world. Strong electromagnetic radiation sources should be shielded and isolated to prevent interference with the normal operation of other electronic and electrical equipment and even damage to the health of workers.

Prevent information leakage of electronic communication equipment and ensure information security. Electronic communication signals will be transmitted to the outside world in the form of electromagnetic radiation (ie, the TEMPEST phenomenon), and the enemy can intercept and restore them using monitoring equipment. Electromagnetic shielding room is an effective measure to ensure information security.

The military command and communication elements must have the ability to resist the enemy’s electromagnetic interference. In extreme cases such as electromagnetic interference attacks or even nuclear explosions, combined with other protection elements, electronic communication equipment can be protected from damage and work normally. Electromagnetic pulse protection room is a special product developed on the basis of electromagnetic shielding room and combined with the special requirements of electromagnetic pulse protection in the military field.

The above is a brief introduction to the electromagnetic shielding room. If you want to know more useful signal shielding tools, welcome to Jammer mart

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