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Russia will gain an edge in electronic warfare

Admin Posted on 2022-08-25

In recent years, terrorist attacks have occurred frequently, causing serious harm to the people. Today, the issue of counter-terrorism has been widely discussed and is one of the issues that people should pay attention to. We can see that an important means of terrorist attacks is bombing, which has caused huge damage and is a cruel and common terrorist means. Therefore, an important thing in fighting the war on terror is to avoid different types, sizes and capabilities of bomb devices.
Regarding the fight against terrorism, it has to be mentioned that most countries have already started to take these measures and have installed special jammers on the important roads that the President has gone through. Among them, Russia's military signal jammer technology is the best.

military gps jammer

Russia has long been known as the Fighter Clan army team large enough that Russia's current ability to disrupt and intercept video broadcasts from drones is well established. The country has a wide range of vehicle-mounted and portable electronic warfare systems that are said to be capable of interrupting transmissions and providing false information to networks, including GPS spoofing, and potentially diverting parts and vehicles from their intended path.

GPS jammers, GPS's vulnerability to blocking and identity theft has been known since the beginning of technology. While reports of the threat of opponents implementing GPS jamming technology have mostly focused on Russia, one of many countries is developing GPS jamming and anti-spoofing technology.
WiFi Jammers: Especially in Syria, there are growing signs that the U.S. military is very concerned about the possibility of GPS jamming or other interference with navigation networks.

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