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The wireless signal jammer can be upgraded to "5G"

Admin Posted on 2022-08-25

Following the pace of the times, the wireless signal jammer can be upgraded to "5G"

As a new type of information facility, 5G can provide at least ten times the transmission and connection capability than 4G, and can be widely used in typical scenarios such as autonomous driving, large-scale medical care, industrial Internet, and smart cities. The deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy is of great significance, bringing rapid development to science and technology.

With the gradual popularization of 5G mobile phone networks, examination rooms and conference rooms, or places that need to block mobile phone signals need to keep pace with the times, and the original 4G wireless signal blocker needs to be upgraded to 5G. After all, the transmission frequency of the 5G band is beyond the shielding range of 4G. So how to upgrade the original 4G wireless wifi signal jammer? In fact, this problem was considered in the design, and an upgrade channel has been reserved in the wireless wifi frequency jammer, which can be returned to the factory for upgrade. Of course, continuing to use the current 4G wireless wifi signal jammer will have no effect for the time being.

5G wifi signal jammer

Wireless signal jammer is our company using advanced technology, according to the continuous development of communication standards and the actual situation of mobile communication, carefully developed to ensure the safety of the required places. The integrated design of the wireless wifi bluetooth jammer makes it easy to install and use. Due to the complexity of different types of location environments, and users' requirements for the appearance, function and various indicators of wireless signal jammers, we have various types of jammers to meet the various needs of different users. Welcome to consult!

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