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On military jammer and anti-jamming technology in modern warfare

Admin Posted on 2022-08-26

With the rapid development of the economy and all walks of life and the development of modern network technology, people's lives are inseparable from the network. With the help of electronic networks, my country's military has continuously improved its comprehensive strength. Modern warfare has gradually changed from traditional weapon warfare in the past. Evolved into an electronic command and control combat method for efficient strikes. The integration of factors such as electronic equipment and network communication has made it more convenient for fighters, and has evolved into multi-dimensional warfare. As a soft power in military means, electronic countermeasures have continuously extended various new tactical styles of play. Destroy the opponent's electronic communication equipment and command platform, affect the opponent's operational command and combat methods, and protect the normal electronic communication command line of ours. This is an electronic jamming and anti-jamming war.

The current era is the era of rapid development of information. It is different from the previous era, but a combination of various high-tech. Electronic countermeasure technology under the background of informatization is particularly prominent. With the continuous development of informatization, today's combat technology not only stays in weapons and equipment, but also pays more attention to the application of information technology. Information technology plays a key role in combat. The Kosovo war in the United States is a prime example. There were no casualties in the war.

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Electronic Countermeasures Overview

weaken the opponent's power, ensure that the electronic equipment and instruments of one's own side can play the maximum effect, and carry out military command operations efficiently. Electronic warfare is mainly through electronic countermeasures reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance means, military jammer jamming and anti-jamming means, electronic offensive and defensive means to fight against, military signal jammers are mainly through radar, radio communication, photoelectric confrontation, network confrontation , Electronic countermeasures such as navigation and guidance countermeasures can be applied to the air force, navy, army, diving operations, etc., and are the main modern military combat countermeasures. With the continuous coverage of satellite positioning systems, tracking and positioning operations are continuously applied to missiles. On the one hand, as electronic command and control can precisely strike targets, electronic anti-counterfeiting plays an irreplaceable and important role in modern warfare.Electronic countermeasures are also called electronic warfare. The main task is to destroy and interfere with the enemy's electronic equipment.

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