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Related uses of wireless signal jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-09-01

Wireless signal shielding device: a widely equipped explosion-proof protective equipment, commonly used in explosion-related sites. It can effectively combat terrorism, and is also widely used in important conference venues, political core areas, major event venues, test sites and other places.

Wireless signal shielding device, special equipment for electronic shielding of various radio signals. It is a device that blocks signal reception between cell towers and cell phones. It blocks radio frequencies within a certain range, creating a kind of signal blocker that blocks all communications. As long as the user is within range of the wireless wifi signal jammer, they cannot send or receive cell phone calls or text messages. The wireless signal jammer is designed to deal with explosives etc. from the remote control of the mobile phone. Because the wireless signal shielding device is easy to carry, flexible to use, and has a built-in high-performance battery, it is especially suitable for large-scale conference venues, school examination rooms, military security forces, and border control.

wireless signal jammer

Related uses of wireless wifi frequency jammer:

①In the process of transferring explosives or disposing of illegal elements, use a wireless signal shielding device to shield remote control signals during the whole process to prevent external signals from detonating explosives

②In the process of security protection, interfere with the whole process of the traveling route to avoid the explosion of the remote control explosive device on the way

③ Protect the confidentiality of important meetings and activities, block radio communication with the outside world during the meeting, and avoid the leakage of important information

④ Interfere with the communication of the wireless signal shielding device during the school examination, and block the behavior of some students using electronic devices to cheat

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