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High power military anti-jamming equipment

Admin Posted on 2022-09-09

Military bases, including weapons and ammunition, resource allocation, strategic planning and development of new weapons, all require serious information security. But with the development of wireless communication technology, there have been a series of serious problems of leaking secrets, especially in the use of mobile phones, seeking communication products. Visitors can take pictures from military bases and transmit them outside, and infiltrators can use GPS trackers and mark locations to reveal their location information, or use WIFI signals to break codes.

So our high power military jammer was invented to solve the above problem. It is a new security product. A protective net is formed in a given area by its special signal, which is the method of blocking the relationship between the mobile phone and the base station. Cell phones in the area temporarily stopped working. Surfers cannot transmit data via cell phones or any other conspiracy product, which keeps the information secure. And about WIFI, there is no problem with blocking. Additionally, it prohibits GPS satellite tracking. The infiltrator wants to send location coordinate information to the headquarters to achieve the goal, how do we do it? Let the high power blocker fight it. It will prevent the GPS tracker from receiving signals from the satellites, and isolation will be created between the GPS tracker and the satellites. This is the working range of the jammer, CDMA 800: 850 to 894MHz, GSM 900: We know that the military base is very large and the overall building may not be covered. It is no problem for the waterproof shield to work outside, it comes with a waterproof case design. So where there is a need, we can install waterproof shields in these places.

military gps jammer

By the way, the jammer can also be used in factories, companies, schools, governments, conference rooms, etc. If you want to protect your secrets, you can buy one to install in the house. However, please note that the product is designed to protect user privacy and should not be used for criminal activities. Therefore, please ensure that your activities are permitted by law, otherwise, we will not be responsible for all your illegal actions.

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