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Miniaturization of drone gun jammer-Electromagnetic Pistol

Admin Posted on 2022-09-16

The application of UAVs in the world continues to expand, especially civilian quadcopter UAVs can be purchased by almost everyone, making the threat of UAVs suddenly become a problem that needs to be faced in counter-terrorism. Drone jammer is also gaining popularity.

Jammer mart's latest drone anti-gun electromagnetic pistol has successfully achieved miniaturization on the basis of the original electromagnetic rifle.

The principle of the electromagnetic pistol of the drone jammer gun

By launching electromagnetic pulses, the wireless connection between the UAV and the remote control platform is destroyed, thereby triggering the UAV's own emergency landing measures, so that the UAV will automatically land or automatically return to the remote control platform position.

anti drone uav jammer

The anti drone jammer gun has many advantages in application:

1. It can directly interfere with the remote control of the drone, and can also forcefully stop the real-time transmission of data, especially video, by the drone.

2. The electromagnetic pulse itself is non-lethal. After the drone is shot by the electromagnetic gun, it will not be physically damaged, and it will generally land or return automatically.

3. You can find the user directly along the drone that returns automatically, which is very beneficial for anti-terrorism purposes.

4. The electromagnetic gun can be installed with a variety of aiming devices to accurately hit the air-flying target.

5. The electromagnetic gun can cover multiple electromagnetic frequencies (433MHz, 915MHz, 2.4GHz ISM, 5.8GHz ISM), and can interfere with GPS and GLONASS satellite missile signals, but has no ability to interfere with Beidou signals.

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