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Drone jammer technology is becoming more and more comprehensive

Admin Posted on 2022-09-21

As the recreational and commercial drone market grows faster, so does the opportunity to use this technology for civilian use, however, it also has the potential to cause harm. The ability to use the means of war to disrupt inside and outside conflict zones is frightening and creates an urge to protect oneself.

Drone jammer technology can detect, locate, track or "interact" with rogue drones in a number of ways. This can serve as a reminder to take safety measures or proactive lines of defense. Consumer drones are inexpensive and easy to modify. The terrorists carried several grenades and placed them 5 kilometers away from the remote control. They could enter the airport to disrupt normal operations or cause aircraft to collide, which could result in loss of life. They can threaten people's privacy, protect premises or specifically target critical infrastructure. FBI Director Christopher Raijin told terrorists that drones could be used immediately to carry out attacks in the Western world.
Attacks can be varied, as must counter-drone measures, and a variety of technologies are available today.

Drone detection

Drone detection can be done optically, acoustically, or by scanning radio frequency. This provides information that the drone is near you - it doesn't provide the exact location and direction of flight (for example, there's a fly in your living room, you can hear it, but you don't know exactly where).
However, detection is the step of locating and identifying the drone to determine if it is a friend or foe.

Drone jammer defense

As mentioned, aggressive measures don't necessarily mean shooting drones from the air - let's start with the low end of the upgrade. To protect your security-sensitive facility from prying drones, simply close the shade. Checking drones regularly for Wi-Fi sniffers on rooftops is an example of how to protect yourself from this new thread.

To ensure that drones do not enter a security-sensitive area, jamming is a possibility for drone defense. Electromagnetic "overpressure" stops incoming drones from operating until the batteries run out and return home or land.

anti drone jammer gun

Directional jamming drones

Directional jamming means focusing the jamming signal on the rogue drone. This can be a rifle-like beam antenna pointed at the intruder after being located. Another possibility is to intercept drones from the ground or from the air. Drone gun jammers are very popular in this area, but it requires an attacker to be already very close to an area where it does not belong.

Anti-drone radar

Finding the exact position, speed, and heading of the drone is the key to initiating protective measures. Long-range and short-range radars are being used to do this, helping to increase the response time of a countermeasure.

Deception is a very advanced drone defense solution, done through protocol manipulation, exploiting weaknesses in all digital radio protocols. This allows for a safe landing or turning to attack the drone. Then the attacker's remote doesn't work.

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