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Drone jammer can also affect your life

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

Piat acknowledged that while Ukraine is the most obvious example of this danger, "these dilemmas can be seen in any theater." However, if you focus on threats instead of "solving the entire force right away," the Rapid Capabilities Office can get up and running as quickly as possible without waiting for formal recording procedures that, among other things, will not leave new offenses unmanned by 2023 drone jammers were brought into the army. He said that after developing the prototype solution, deploying it on a small scale and demonstrating that it works, then, "We can provide a field solution for the entire army."

Best case: The thief has no connection to the insurgents, and is not concerned about the value of the drone interceptor ... and high-tech equipment ends up in a waste dump. In the worst case: Disruptors eventually fall into the hands of the insurgents, and the insurgents turn back. Develop it to develop a countermeasure that makes even lethal IEDs more dangerous. Further development of the Raytheon ADM-160C miniature decoy with air-start-signal jammer has successfully performed several free flight demonstrations in the US Navy (Point of Mugu) waters near California.

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Usually under the use of a UAV jamming jammer, when the no-fly defense zone encounters a "black" UAV, the operator and the no-fly zone will have this distance. The drone takes off from the controller and flies gradually closer to the no-fly zone. In the process, the distance between the drone and the controller will get farther and farther away. Instead, the drone approaches the no-fly zone more closely. In summary, all signals sent by the operator to the drone gradually diminish due to the distance. Conversely, the closer the drone UAV jammer countermeasure is to the target, the stronger the signal from the UAV jamming, provided that the power is equal. At this point, the controller accepts the signal sent by the UAV is weak, and the UAV jamming countermeasure device uses multiple frequencies to send high-powered jamming signals to the target UAV to suppress the UAV's control signals. At this point, the signal of the "black flying" drone is easily interfered with, and the drone can only land or return.

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