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The drone jammer will interrupt the connection between the drone and the pilot

For a long time, important targets have been ensured by jammers. Blockers will not only interfere with mobile phone channels and other frequencies, but will even interfere with them in a targeted manner. For example, when the mobile phone is called, it will trigger ignition and ring. , Thereby losing the ringing or vibration current. The electric detonator was transferred.

On the other hand, every mobile phone must log in at the request of the radio station. This (fake) jamming station will call all mobile phones registered in its area. It doesn't matter to ordinary mobile phones. However, once the detonator cell phone enters the interference area, it will explode.

Among other things, Airbus technology uses radar and infrared cameras to identify drones up to ten kilometers away and assess whether they are a source of danger. If the drone is classified as a threat, the drone jammer will interrupt the connection between the drone and the pilot. Therefore, this is the purpose of keeping drones away from their targets, so Edel can also imagine the further development of this technology in the future, which will cause threatening drones to be shot down.

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