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GPS jammers are hotly discussed, Foxnews exaggerates negative effects

Admin Posted on 2020-08-17

Foxnews recently published an article about GPS jammers, saying that this product is very dangerous and poses a potential threat to everyone. They certainly did not forget to mention terrorists, and they also provided several ways to buy these jammers.

The article claims that the size of the GPS jammer can be placed in the pocket of your clothes, which may cause a plane crash. As far as the insider knows, no commercial airlines rely on GPS global positioning systems to help calculate take-off and landing data (the test is only recent) just started).

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The more realistic possibility is that the GPS jammer can affect the OnStar anti-theft system installed on the car, and the thief can use this thing to block the tracking of the company.

Of course it is illegal to import, possess or use GPS jammers in the United States. Of course, some people think that private possession of GPS jammers to protect their privacy is also a legitimate thing. It seems that jammers will continue to be discussed for a long time.

Please note that the illegal use of GPS jammers is an illegal incident and disrupts the safety of public communications
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