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Portable GPS jammers that solves personal location tracking

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

The 8341HA signal interference product is the best handheld mini GPS jammer that works with all devices in nearby wireless devices, except for low frequency and 4G bands. If you have such a device in hand, almost nothing would violate your location privacy or undermine the confidentiality of a location within a 15 m radius. If they fall into the scope of this product, then even the most advanced tracking, eavesdropping, eavesdropping and other anti-privacy technologies will not work.

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desk power gps signal blocker
Portable Hand-held GPS Jammer Blocks GSM 3G 4G WiFi Frequency

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Cell phone interference laws are different around the world. For example, in the UK and Japan, someone can own a jammer-as long as it is not used. Dozens of countries including Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey, etc. allow police or prison officials to use cell phone jammers. Schools in China and India use wifi jammer to prevent students from cheating on exams. Mexico uses jammers in churches and hospitals, and Pakistan allows jammers in banks and libraries.

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