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Sistine Chapel use wifi jammer prevent data leaks

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

Many Catholics and representatives of other Christian factions from around the world have gathered in the chapels of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican and were elected new popes. The conference center started on March 12, and for a long time, it may be the most interesting and safest conference center.

This is the first truly significant event in the field of information security. wifi jamming device have been installed throughout the Sistine Chapel and the residential area of ​​Santa Maria to prevent data leakage.

GPS signal jammer

Those special wifi jammer prevented the 115 cardinals participating in the election from using modern wireless devices and blocked all surveillance and listening equipment in the church and Santa Maria's living quarters. Although all employees and cardinals have sworn not to disseminate information about the election process and everything that happened during the meeting, they still have no rights and can now use all devices for communication.

GPS jammer interrupts surrounding GPS and navigation signals
GPS jammers are used to mislead geographic and destination information