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GSM jammers as a means of teaching compliance

Admin Posted on 2020-08-05

Today everyone has mobile phones and various electronic gadgets. But even 20 years ago, the owner of such a device was looked at with great surprise. Recently, they are not only widespread, but also an integral part of everyday life. A huge variety of models, affordable prices and an incredible number of options have made this gadget one of the most popular. Thanks to the development of modern technologies, today you can easily get through to a subscriber located anywhere in our country, as well as make international calls.

The widespread use of mobile phones, in addition to the obvious advantages, has its drawbacks. One of them is the lateness of calls and communication signals. For example, at a responsible working meeting, a suddenly ringing mobile phone can not only interrupt a colleague's speech, but also knock other employees out of their minds. You should be aware that in some places the use of mobile phones can cause significant harm. These restrictions include areas with high-precision, high-power equipment that may be affected by the electromagnetic radiation from the phone.

It is uncultural to use the gadget in some public places, for example, in theaters, museums, at concerts, presentations. But not all people know about this, and some simply cannot, even for a while, give up the benefits of civilization. It is for such cases that it is recommended to use special suppression equipment. Jammers work to block cellular network signals in their area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation. In some cases, they are used to protect against the leakage of conference private, commercial or government sensitive information.

armband gsm jammer

Varieties of devices

Jammers are divided into the following groups:

suppressors of signals in a certain area, the range of which reaches 50 meters;
GSM jammer, help people to follow simple rules of conduct;
professional grade devices.

Features of use

In our country, the use of jammers is strictly limited by the authorized body of the UGSN. They can be used only after receiving official permission from them, and by law they are issued only to the special services. Abroad, the situation is somewhat different. In France, at the legislative level, they are considering a law on the mandatory use of jammers in places that require silence, such as museums, theaters, libraries. In some Asian countries, devices are already being used in restaurants, subways and large stores.

Disputes over the permission or restriction of the places for using jammers have not subsided for a long time. Opinions were divided not only in our country, but also abroad. Some are sure that this is the only means of teaching observance of the rules of conduct in certain public places, while others insist that such decisions are wrong. Leading experts in these matters are unequivocally confident that their application within reasonable limits will achieve order and silence where it is really needed.

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