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Please note that the illegal use of GPS jammers is an illegal incident and disrupts the safety of public communications

Admin Posted on 2020-08-17

In the movie "Chill 2", criminals installed a GPS signal jammer to make a hijacked police car equipped with an advanced positioning device "disappear" out of thin air. Recently, this scene in the movie has appeared in reality: someone illegally installed GPS signal jammers in the parking lot in order to make the mortgage car "invisible". In this way, the mortgage car is "stealth", but the surrounding mobile phone communication, GPS navigation and positioning signals are also interfered with and cannot be used normally.

Recently, Liuzhou Mobile has frequently received complaints from users in and around Chashan Village, Jinde Town, Liujiang District, saying that there are sometimes situations in which mobile phones have no signal, cannot make calls, and cannot access the Internet. After monitoring, it was found that this situation occurred mainly because multiple base stations in the area were interfered. In order to find out the situation of the base station being interfered with, the staff of Liuzhou Mobile and the law enforcement personnel of Liuzhou Radio Management Office conducted interference source monitoring in the area, and quickly located the interference source in a compound near Chashan Village. However, when the staff rushed to the scene, they found that the GPS signal in the area had returned to normal strangely. In a parking lot in the compound, the staff found some more luxurious vehicles. For the local people's economic income level, the appearance of these luxury cars is more "violating". However, law enforcement officers did not find GPS signal jammers in the parking lot. What is going on here?

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In response, the person in charge of the parking lot stated that they did not install a GPS signal jammer. He said: "It may be that someone came to check, and those people secretly turned off the GPS signal jammer and put it away." Who are the people in charge of the parking lot? According to law enforcement officers of the Liuzhou Radio Management Office, there have been cases in the past law enforcement process. In order to prevent the mortgaged vehicle from being found and taken away by the lender based on GPS positioning, the party holding the mortgaged vehicle will pass the In some parking lots, GPS jammers are installed to shield the GPS traces of the vehicle to realize the purpose of making the mortgage car "invisible". However, no cunning fox can beat a good hunter! As long as the criminals activate the GPS signal jammer again, they will be accurately monitored and located, and will be handed over to the public security organs for serious investigation.

The GPS jammer mainly releases radio interference waves, which can disable the GPS locator within the specified electromagnetic wave band, and form the same electromagnetic environment as the device to block the signal. At present, the main purpose is to shield GPS satellite signals so that data cannot be uploaded to the platform, so that the device cannot be used normally when offline.

It is understood that the unauthorized installation of GPS jammers can not only shield the 2G, 3G, and 4G networks of the three major operators at the same time, causing users to call and surf the Internet to be affected, but also affect China's Beidou positioning system and the US GPS system, causing the area Navigation and positioning are impossible; at the same time, because these jammers have relatively large power and wide interference area, communication base stations within a diameter of 2 kilometers will be interfered. Simply put, as soon as the shield is turned on, everyone's communication becomes "dumb" in seconds. Therefore, these illegally installed GPS signal jammers have seriously affected the safety of public communication networks and public safety, and have a certain social hazard.

In order to ensure the communication safety of the people, Guangxi Mobile has paid close attention to the strong interference phenomenon of communication base stations in recent years. This phenomenon is mainly manifested in that multiple base stations are continuously interfered for 24 hours, and a large number of users' mobile phones cannot be used normally. It is understood that once interference is discovered, Guangxi Mobile will dispatch network optimization personnel to locate the interference source at the interfered base station as soon as possible, and immediately report it to the public security department and administrative law enforcement departments for disposal. So far, Guangxi Mobile has worked with the public security departments and radio management offices of Nanning, Liuzhou and other cities to seize more than 20 illegal incidents of installing GPS signal jammers.

Please note that to ensure airport clearance safety, GPS jammers cannot be used arbitrarily!
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