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How to protect and beautify the outdoor antenna of the wifi signal jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-15

After purchasing and installing our high-power wifi signal jammer, the customer installed it on the top of the building in the unit, because of the selected omnidirectional antenna, and a wifi frequency jammer is equipped with multiple There are also many corresponding omnidirectional antennas for the mobile phone frequency band module. The customer asks how to do a unified installation, protection and beautification work for these multiple antennas, so that they can work stably and effectively without looking so bad.

wifi bluetooth wireless signal jammer

According to the requirements of customers, we specially designed an omnidirectional antenna protection device matching the antenna installation of the high-power wireless wifi bluetooth jammer. The antenna cover body of the upper part of the antenna protection device is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and is formed by opening a mold and turning it over. Because the fiberglass material has very little attenuation of the radio frequency signal emitted by the antenna, there is no need to worry about whether the shielding signal transmission effect of the internal wifi signal jammer will be weakened.

The lower part of this high-power wifi signal jammer protection device is made of stainless steel, which is used for stable installation on the cement layer or steel frame structure on the top of the building. The radio frequency feeder of the mobile phone signal shielding instrument is connected to the radio frequency end of each internal omnidirectional antenna through the intermediate tube, and the other end is connected to the output interface of each frequency band of the wifi signal jammer.

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